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As we approach the 2010 Wimbledon Tennis Championships the Wimbledon odds are starting to be revealed for various players to win the tournament. Needless to say the familiar players such as Federer and Murray in the men’s, and the Williams’ sisters among others in the women’s draw are set to receive the best odds. But there are also outsider bets that could prove to have been a good move if we get a more unexpected winner.

Wimbledon is a great event to start betting on if you have never indulged in tennis betting before, but it pays to know a little about how to bet if you are new to the experience. For example you could bet on the outcome of the tournament if there is a particular player that you fancy to win. In contrast you could zone in on a particular match and try and guess which player is going to win the first set; there are lots of different ways that you can bet.

When it comes to betting advice you should remember only to bet what you can afford. Remember also that each way betting doubles up your stake, so if you wager £5 to both win and place, it will actually cost you £10.

It could also pay you to study the players’ form over the preceding year and the odds they have of winning each match, and even the tournament as a whole. If you do this you could increase the odds of winning your bet.