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Traditional Wimbledon Schedule

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Wimbledon traditionally begins on the first Monday that falls between the 20th and 26th of June, two weeks after the completion of The Queen’s Championship, a prestigious warm up tournament for the male players who are not used to playing on a grass surface. There are also a number of other Lawn Tennis tournaments run both in the United Kingdom and around the world at this time, to help players lucky enough to qualify to compete at Wimbledon get used to the unique challenges which playing on grass provides.

Once the tournament gets under way it is scheduled to last for the following 13 days, with the highly anticipated Men’s Final closing out proceedings on the last day of play. There is also a scheduled rest day for the ‘Middle Sunday’, which gives players who made it through the first week of competition a chance to rest and consult in depth with their coaches.

However, should rain heavily affect the order of play at Wimbledon, then occasionally this rest day is transformed into a ‘People’s Sunday’, where ticket prices are lowered, seating made unreserved and all matches that need to be played, to ensure that there is no delay going into the tournament’s second week, are held. In the event that the second week of the tournament is delayed and proceedings exceed the allotted 13-day period, then a ‘People’s Monday’ is organised to ensure a large and passionate crowd turn out for the finals.