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Tennis Betting at Wimbledon

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In the sports-betting arena, football betting is king, followed closely by tennis betting. The annual Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is held in SW19, South London. It is one of the oldest tennis events around, and always offers a myriad of great chances to play the field and make some profits,  betting  on tennis while enjoying the 13 glorious days of tennis, sunshine, champagne and of course English strawberries!

Wimbledon Betting Markets

Match-Up Bets at Wimbledon: One type of popular bet which people put on during tennis events such as Wimbledon is the “MatchUp Bet”, which allows the bettor to bet for either their expected victor or loser in a particular match. The expected payouts vary, but generally pay more if one picks the winner, with a little less if they pick the loser.

Over/Under bets at Wimbledon are placed relative to the point spreads constructed by the bookmakers. One can bet on the spreads for either over or under the final score

Parlay Bets at Wimbledon: A Parlay Bet can be a real rollercoaster of sweat and excitement for the tennis fan. The whole wager is in fact a sequence of wagers with the equity from the win from the first match rolling over as the stake in the next match, and so on.  One loss means that you lose your bet, however if you win your parlay, you will probably receive a huge payout relative to your initial stake.

Straight Bets at Wimbledon: Many first time tennis betting punters at Wimbledon place straight bets on a player, with many an underdog getting picked to win due to the high odds available.

Wimbledon Betting Advice

Before you place your Wimbledon bets, We recommend taking time to study the previous form of the players (previous matches), their win rate head to head with their opponents, and the surfaces they played on (remember Wimbledon is played on grass).

If you don’t have a betting account online, you should take advantage of free tennis bets which are available to new account holders on their first deposit(s) with most bookmakers.